Meet the Artist

Moran Etstein, Founder of Drizzle, Inc., is an Israeli-born Chocolate Artist who specializes in decorative chocolate art.

Moran has always been fascinated by the diverse aspects of fashion design.  She loves a variety of textures, prints and fabrics.  Her designs are influenced by different trends, styles and eras. 

Moran has developed her own line of 7 to 9-inch mini chocolate mannequins adorned with handmade chocolate outfits and accessories known as "Chocolate Fashionistas."

Exploring the chocolate world, Moran was captivated by the endless possibilities one can create with chocolate.  She began developing her "Chocolate Fashionistas" through the techniques and skills she acquired from the culinary and fashion world, and applied them to the process of designing the chocolate outfits and accessories of her mannequins. 

Moran is able to customize her “Chocolate Fashionistas” to fit any occasion.  Whether it be for a unique gift, fashion show, wedding, birthday party, bachelorette party or just a store front, she can craft the mannequins’ outfits to match the desired theme. 

In addition to “Chocolate Fashionistas,” Moran also offers fun and educational chocolate workshops for children and adults for a variety of events, where participants enjoy creating their own chocolate works of art.  They have the opportunity to decorate and design with chocolate, and to also explore the world of modeling chocolate.