Fashionistas for Sale in Bryant Park!

With an amazing collaboration between MarieBelle New York and Drizzle, I brought my Chocolates Fashionistas to the holiday market in Bryant Park. I am so grateful and proud to be here. New Yorkers know the Winter Village Holiday Market in Bryant Park very well.

For the people who don't know about this place, let me tell you about it: The holiday market in Bryant park is the prettiest and centrally located holiday market in NYC. There are beautiful booth stalls offering artisanal one-of-a-kind items, and with the skating rink in the middle of the park, the atmosphere is simply magical.

MarieBelle is a beautiful artisanal chocolate brand in NYC, and collaborating with such an amazing brand is a momentous achievement. I am so overwhelmed with this opportunity that was given to me.

My Chocolate Fashionistas are sold now in MarieBelle's stunning booth in Bryant Park and right now, I couldn't ask for more.


Be original.
Be enthusiastic.
Be unforgettable.


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